Archives for the month of: January, 2009

My first (of two) crochet class was today, and was great. Just me and one other student, so we got lots of one-on-one attention from the awesome, patient instructor, Tatyana. She went at a perfect pace, not too fast but not too slow. I have already started a scarf with an awesome lime-green wool yarn.

Brunch after at Perch, where I proceeded to get way over-caffeinated. Am trying to channel my energy into cleaning, and am amazed how much better my office looks just clearing the extra junk off of my desk. And I discovered a new New Yorker that came last week, and which I completely forgot about. Hooray!


So, my iPod, Betsy, is dying, or she’s at least wounded. According to Google, I’m not the only person with dead pixels or whatever the cause is (lines on the screen when the backlight is turned on), but restoring her didn’t help. Theoretically it should sound just fine, but watching videos won’t be so good. This is clearly a sign I need to get an iPod touch. Must resist the urge to buy one immediately, but will definitely be considering it.

This has been a particularly nap-heavy weekend. I feel like I lost the entire day today, and suddenly it’s almost midnight…

I’m excited about my crochet class tomorrow, I hope I learn a ton!

Park Slope librarian, I am really sorry that the (really) overdue book was the same one you’d reserved. And I even told you I was sorry, but I don’t think you believed me. But I am, really.

Almost every time I venture out into my neighborhood, I’m reminded how much I love living here. Everything’s so close! There’s a shoe store next to the hardware store, and then a block away I can get a tasty latte, and then a few blocks more, hey, it’s the library! Most of these trips involve the library, so maybe this means I should spend more time there?

To do today:

  • get all my recycling outside
  • take out trash
  • break in my new candy thermometer
  • pick my next book

Things I plan to accomplish this year:

  • re-learn to crochet, and make something good enough to give as a gift;
  • figure out the whole Martha Stewart embossed-leaf thing and complete at least one project in time for Christmas ’09;
  • eat a home-cooked dinner at least four nights a week;
  • eat a fruit and a vegetable every day;
  • bring lunch to work at least three times a week;
  • lose 35 pounds;
  • get on a regular sleep schedule – ideally, so I can wake up around 5:30 and leave for work by 7;
  • establish and keep a daily and weekly schedule;
  • play with Darcy every day;
  • see a movie, attend a performance, or go to a museum every week;
  • read 25 books (and keep track of them here).

My over-arching goal is to establish routines. I spend so much time doing nothing, and where’s the fun in that?

I reorganized my kitchen cabinets today, and think the new arrangement is much better — more room for my pantry, and all my glasses in one place.