Possibly my favorite part of my new apartment — built-ins from the original dining room (now kitchen).

My first Sunday, officially, in Brooklyn. A week ago I thought I’d lost my cat (sounds like a figure of speech, doesn’t it? Alas, I mean that literally) and was about to lose my shit due to pre-move stress. Since then, the cat’s been found and is spending time among the living, all my stuff has been transported across the East River, and today I’m happy for a cool breeze coming through the window.

Seriously, New York, why you gotta be so humid?

Watching two-month-old TiVo’d episodes of John Adams is surprisingly relaxing.

Why can’t I just watch TV any more. Even shows I love — like So You Think You Can Dance, which, my god, I love that show — I can barely focus and watch it, I have to get up a million times in the middle and do something, or check my email. Maybe it’s ADD. You’d think I would be burning more calories, getting up do damn much.