Things I plan to accomplish this year:

  • re-learn to crochet, and make something good enough to give as a gift;
  • figure out the whole Martha Stewart embossed-leaf thing and complete at least one project in time for Christmas ’09;
  • eat a home-cooked dinner at least four nights a week;
  • eat a fruit and a vegetable every day;
  • bring lunch to work at least three times a week;
  • lose 35 pounds;
  • get on a regular sleep schedule – ideally, so I can wake up around 5:30 and leave for work by 7;
  • establish and keep a daily and weekly schedule;
  • play with Darcy every day;
  • see a movie, attend a performance, or go to a museum every week;
  • read 25 books (and keep track of them here).

My over-arching goal is to establish routines. I spend so much time doing nothing, and where’s the fun in that?

I reorganized my kitchen cabinets today, and think the new arrangement is much better — more room for my pantry, and all my glasses in one place.