That’s what the new Brooklyn Tweed look book is.


You might have too much yarn in your stash if you pull a muscle organizing the stash. Ow.

To say I’m eager to start my holiday knitting is an understatement. I have plans, people. Plans.


borrowed from here

I love this so much. The whole thing is good but this is my favorite part (so far).

Oh, Vogue Knitting Live, you have been pretty awesome thus far. Today is a pretty easy day for me, which is good because I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. I plan to get lots of sleep tonight in anticipation of all the learnin’ I have ahead of me. Woot!

Here’s some pretty green yarn. I didn’t get it at VKL, but this post needs a picture and I’m too tired to take one of what I did purchase there.


I’ve included a picture of ibuprofen in the background, because nothing’s classier than a bottle of ibuprofen.

I’d also like to wear this hat, every day.


Your stash is not a savings account. It is not a rainy day fund. What is up with all the people on Ravelry selling yarn from their stash to pay the rent, to get a bike fixed, or to pay the dentist?? People, if you don’t have money saved for these things, you probably shouldn’t have bought all that yarn in the first place.

There. I needed to get that off my chest.

It’s been sort of a non-knitting week for me, but this weekend will be rather knitting-centric, so it all evens out.