Say you’re having your knitting group over for a Sunday gathering, where margaritas will be served. Obviously, you want to plan your knitting carefully. Tequila and lace, tequila and cables, tequila and any kind of pattern involving a chart is a bad idea.

Tequila and 3×1 rib socks, on the other hand, is an excellent idea. Plain stockinette socks don’t do much for me, and that little bit of ribbing makes them stretchy enough that they’re guaranteed to fit my Flintstones-esque feet.

sweet tomato stripes

Or, you know, the feet of a recent high school graduate. I was binding off the second sock in my sister’s kitchen, when my niece (who just graduated, and whose party was the reason for my visit), hinted she might like to have the socks. She tried them on — her feet are about a size smaller than mine in length, and are definitely not Flintstones-esque — and they fit perfectly.

Obviously, they were meant to be hers. And now they are.

Feet + socks

Raveled here.