It is high time I start keeping track of what I’m working on SOMEWHERE, and it may as well be here, as I haven’t been successful doing so anywhere else. I love the idea of knitting so very much; I love the idea of keeping a project journal a lot too; I’m generally a very organized person. But why can’t I combine all of these things and actually keep organized, actually knit something, and keep a project journal? Anyway, this is my plan, and I will stick to it, dammit.

So, here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • Fair isle baby sweater. I just need to finish the sleeves, then attach the sleeves, and do the button band. All things I’ve never done before, whoo! It’s looking great so far, and I am optimistic that it will all come together nicely. Which is good as the recipient is expected in a month.
  • Clapotis. Oh, how I dreamed of sitting at a cafe and knitting this in Paris. Dear self: three nights in Paris is not enough to just sit in a cafe and knit, especially when you’re overcome by the malaise for almost 24 hours. Anyway, this is coming along, slowly but surely.
  • Ruffly scarf with that one weird yarn. Yeah, I’ll figure out the details for this one eventually. Not sure who this will be for.

What I want to knit/crochet in the near future:

  • Socks! Socks for Peter, specifically.
  • Mittens! Makes perfect sense, now that Spring is here and Summer not far behind.
  • Chunky cowls! For me and KMF.
  • Granny square afghan! For Peter and Martha’s Airstream. To be completed by Christmas. Must get started on this immediately. Just pick up the yarn and do it, quit messing around with designing colors. Ugh, it’s the execution of something that always trips me up.

I have a million other projects in mind, hopefully this will be a good place to keep track of all of them.